Genny orchid outline necklace


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Genny 0rchid outline necklace

The elegant Orchid Outline necklace is a long piece adorned with a series of orchids in outline, strategically positioned on both sides, creating a delicate visual harmony.
Each orchid, stylized with distinct contours, adds a touch of grace and sophistication to the overall design. The unique staggered arrangement of the orchids imparts an aura of originality and dynamism, making the necklace truly one-of-a-kind.
The necklace is skillfully connected by a chain with a captivating tubular effect, crafted from galvanized metal. This detail adds a modern touch to the composition, ensuring a perfect balance between tradition and contemporaneity.
Wear the “Orchid Outline” necklace with pride to infuse a floral elegance into your style. This distinctive accessory is perfect for those seeking a unique piece that stands out for its sophistication and originality on every occasion.

100% Made in Italy. Composition: 100%Metal.
Dry clean only.

  • CARE
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  • Store your jewelry separately or in bags that protect them from contact with each other.
    This way, you’ll prevent them from becoming dull or scratched due to contact with different materials.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry when applying creams, perfumes, or beauty products. The use of these products could accelerate metal wear and tear.
  • Refrain from wearing your jewelry during physical activities, household cleaning, or while in bed. These are times when the risk of damaging the metal is higher.
  • Never immerse your jewelry in seawater or sulfurous solutions, as these substances can cause irreversible damage.
  • For cleaning, use gentle solutions and a soft cloth. This will help you avoid surface scratches.
  • After cleaning your jewelry, be sure to dry them thoroughly to prevent the onset of the oxidation process.
  • Wear your jewelry with care, and always remember to open the clasp when you want to remove them, so as not to apply excessive force and risk breaking them.

By following these guidelines, you can keep your jewelry in excellent condition over time.

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